Monday, April 20, 2015

In Winter We Wear.....Pajamas??!!

Hey hey! Long time no blog.  Winter was long and Spring has been much welcomed.  When I went back through my pictures of Jan-Mar I mostly found pictures of the girls at pajamas!  Ha.  That pretty much sums up our winter.  Lots of playing at home in jammies!  

Finley loooooves sitting at Ellington's little art table.  We have to keep a close eye on her while she is there though! :)

On this particular day Ellington was working on making cookies and a cookie stand.

Open for business!

She had quite the line waiting for her yummy cookies!

She rang her cowbell to let everyone know she was open for the day! :)  Loooove her imagination!

Two little monkeys jumping in the bed!

I LOVE these sweet moments!

Finley posed like this and kept saying "cheeeeese".  I asked her if she wanted me to take her picture and she said "uh huh!".  Crazy girl!

This is one of my

The good news about having a boring winter is that it won't take me long to get caught back up!  Hopefully more posts coming SOON! :)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Connor and Brody's Birthday Party!

Connor and Brody had a super fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party in January!  Ellington always LOVES a party so she was super excited!!! (Unfortunately this day was the one Saturday that Robert is required to work all year so he missed out)

Look at that cute turtle shell!  Aunt Julie always does such a GREAT job with their parties!

The first game was stacking sewage drain covers (oreos). :)

Four and Eight!  Growing up soooo fast!

With Uncle Daniel and Aunt Laura

The morning party was a family party and they had their friend party in the afternoon at a skating rink.  It was E's first time skating!  She liked it for awhile but I think eventually it kind of stressed her out. :)  We spent most of the time walking in the middle of the rink while Finley pushed the walker.

We had a full and fun day celebrating Connor and Brody!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Pappaw's 90th Birthday Party

The second weekend of January we went to Philadelphia for Pappaw's 90th birthday party!  It was a such a fun time celebrating such a special man!  My mom did a wonderful job on the party.  I took a few pictures before the party started but then put my camera away, so here are the few that I did take!

Emerson and Ellington stayed at the front door for pretty much the whole party.  They were the sweetest little welcoming committee!  It was so funny because they were not shy AT ALL!!!

I loved all of the memorabilia from Pappaw's life!

The birthday boy :) and Bryant

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Pappaw's 90 years of life!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Finley {18 Months}

On January 2nd Finley officially turn a year and a half!  The picture below is the only half way decent one I could get of her.

Because ya'll....this is one BUSY girl!

Then she decided to brush her hair. :)

Finley, what are you up to at 18 months?

You weigh 25 lbs 12 oz and are 30.5 inches tall

You wear size 18 month clothes and size 4 diaper

You go to bed between 7:30-8:00 every night and pretty much wake up at 7:00 am on the dot!

You take one afternoon nap.  It can last an hour and a half or three.  It's kind of unpredictable!

You are a carb girl just like your big sister!  You love crackers, veggie straws, vanilla wafers, etc.


You think it is sooooo funny when we tell you "no" and you rarely obey.  I know you are young still but this scares us....a lot!  Ha!

You can say ANYTHING  you please!  You are a talker!!!  Everyone always comments about how well you can speak.

You know just about every animal sound there is to, cat, cow, horse, duck, rooster, sheep, elephant, lion, bear, bird (I am probably leaving something out!)

You are loving life since you started walking!

You almost exclusively call Ellington "Sister" even though you can say her name.  I LOVE it!

You still looooove bath time and you come running when you hear the water!

You are extremely into Minnie Mouse right now.

You still love climbing up in our laps to read a book.

You do great at school now and don't cry at all!!!  You still cry every.single.Sunday at church though. :(

Finley, we love you so much and can't imagine our lives without you!  You keep us on the go and on alert at all times.  We can't believe you will be TWO soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Day in Philadelphia

After Christmas morning fun at our house we headed to my parents house.  Now that we've moved it's a much longer drive but we got there...eventually! :)  

Our family picture!  

We enjoyed a DELICIOUS lunch together!

I always love their Christmas tree!

Poor Emerson was actually really sick on Christmas day (and I think several days afterward).  He tried hard to hang in there.

We NEVER take pictures of just the five of us so it was fun to get this one!

Time for more presents!  So much fun!

Mom had lots of fun Christmas themed games for us to play.  We all enjoyed it!

I tried to get a picture of both of the girls but crazy Finley kept running away so I got one with just Ellington!

One of Ellington's very favorite gifts was this camera.  She took a picture of EVERYTHING.  It was like living with the paparazzi.  Ha!  So we took a picture of each other taking a picture. :)

What a great end to a WONDERFUL Christmas season!